HMS Audacious – Secrets, Shipwrecks & Sharks…

A 65m Shipwreck and a technical diving ‘career’ hanging by a thread. The not-so secret sinking of a British Batttleship and a chance encounter with an apex predator. 100 years on since the sinking of HMS Audacious, I recount my dive on the most famous of the Malin Head shipwrecks.

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An Update…

In 2013 I took a bit of a break from diving. Issues at work & at home were taking too much of my time and effort, and I’d achieved all that I initially set out to do. I’d become an Open Water Instructor, was qualified to dive with mixed gases & rebreathers, and had swam with a 3 metre Porbeagle shark over the wreck of HMS Audacious in Malin Head.

It was time for a break.

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